Portobello GAA Club has traditionally been known as a “country club” largely due to the fact that the majority of players within the club hail from outside of the capital. The club is located in Rathmines and caters for both Men’s & Ladies Football, Hurling & Camoige.

Aside from the obvious interest in GAA, it’s everything else you get from being associated with Portobello that makes it so special. The craic off the field has always been synonymous with the club, while the determination on the field is second to none. We have a small pool of players and we’re always recruiting, but one of the things that sets the club apart is the ability for new players to seamlessly fit in. 

Who we are

The majority of those who find themselves in Portobello are young professionals who have made the move to Dublin. Travelling home to play isn’t always sustainable, so we offer the closest thing to a home club, away from home. Whether it’s a year’s placement or a long term move to Dublin, you won’t regret joining Porto. You’ll get fit, make friends for life and have a bit of craic along the way!